NOTICE - USBenefits Insurance Services, LLC is not a Claims Administrator nor do we solicit business from individual consumers, and we are not affiliated with US Benefits / UMTA Trust (Oregon).

USBenefits does not accept rebates or incentives from the vendors – whether through claim review, subrogation recovery, or a negotiation. We work hard to save our mutual clients as much money as we can on every claim because “Your goal is our goal – to provide the best possible outcome for the employer.” This practice not only improves client retention, but keeps the renewal pricing as low as possible.

To accomplish this, we partner with some of the best vendors in the industry. Because these vendors are extremely experienced, they don’t just focus on the low hanging fruit (billing errors) but conduct a thorough analysis of each claim by reviewing the detailed billing process from beginning to end. Our vendors are doctors that understand medical protocol and are able to provide detailed industry-leading medical reviews to support their analysis.

On average, USBenefits has saved our policyholders 25% of every claim dollar over the specific deductible, which translates to millions of dollars each year. The best part about this is that the vendor fees come directly out of the savings to USBenefits at no cost to the TPA or employer.

Most importantly, we are not beholden to a vendor that may offer us an incentive to direct more business their way. Instead, we are constantly tapping into the vendors that generate the most cost savings for the employer!