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Are you using Automated Clearing House (ACH) to make and receive payments? ACH is an electronic application that allows the direct transfer of funds between two bank accounts with several benefits to all parties.

Preferred method: Usage of paper checks are on the decline. A Federal Reserve study stated that paper checks’ usage declined by more than 50% in eighteen years. Meanwhile, the use of ACH payments during the same time frame increased by 108%. Many reasons are attributed to the increased usage of ACH payments, but the most important is security, followed by convenience and timing. As an MGU, once the administrator initiates the ACH payment and notifies us, we keep an eye out for the deposit. If it doesn’t come through, we can immediately inform the administrator. We cannot do this with a lost check. It can take weeks to months to locate lost checks, place stop payments, and reissue them.  

That said, ACH is the most efficient and secure form of payment. Your goal is our goal- to provide the best possible outcome for the employer.