NOTICE - USBenefits Insurance Services, LLC is not a Claims Administrator nor do we solicit business from individual consumers, and we are not affiliated with US Benefits / UMTA Trust (Oregon).

Since our inception in 2007, USBenefits has been committed to building partnerships with producers and employers – and these partners are an integral part of our success. Mary Ann Wessel, vice president of Irvine, California-based EBA&M shared her testimonial on what it’s been like to partner with USBenefits for more than 12 years, which boils down to three main reasons: “access, experience and dependability – all of which are crucial in this industry.”

“With USBenefits, I always know that their Vice President of Underwriting, Tim Barden, is just a phone call away – and that’s not true for many other carriers,” said Mary Ann. “Often times in this business, you don’t have the in-depth access you need to ask questions and resolve disputes. In most cases, you are forced to send claims questions and concerns through a sales rep who may or may not know the intricacies of your business. As a former underwriter, I know the importance of speaking directly to the person who calculated your stop-loss quote or renewal.”

USBenefits has the claims experience and business acumen to address challenging claims, something we take great pride in. Our associates know the right questions to ask when evaluating claims and quotes alike so our customers can take a step back and leave the heavy lifting to us.

“Tim is one of the five best underwriters in the business – if not the best,” expressed Mary Ann. “Moreover, he’s extended that expertise across our market by grooming a number of other underwriters who exhibit the same value.

“Another reason I turn to USBenefits for our self-funded clients is dependability – dependability in both service and cost,” said Mary Ann. “USBenefits has always been responsive and timely when a stop loss claim is initially submitted and also subsequent submissions. We rarely have to follow up with USBenefits to determine the status of the request or reimbursements.”

Our partners make USBenefits what it is today, and we greatly value their trust, cooperation and loyalty. Don’t take it from us, take it from those who know us best.

“USBenefits has been very consistent with us in their renewals over the years, and it shows in both claims results and our bottom line.” – Mary Ann Wessell, VP of EBA&M

Mary Ann has worked for EBA&M since 1997, and currently leads the TPA’s account management team. In 1972, Mary Ann began her career in the insurance industry as an underwriter with Pacific Mutual and has continued to hold high-level positions with several TPAs before joining EBA&M.